"Bud" Rosenberry - Resident

"My life has totally changed since moving into my wonderful home! Just a few years ago, I was homeless living under a bridge. Now, I thank God that I live in a secure and very nice home. The staff here are like my family and I love them! They have been so attentive to really take care of me on a daily basis. Not only that, but they have consistently gone above and beyond to connect me to the right resources like Medicaid and Social Security that's helped me to get my sense of independence and self-dignity back. I'm so appreciative for Nouvelle Vie!"

"Rev." Mckay - Resident

“I find Nouvelle Vie to be a very nice place. I like my room and we are all happy here. The staff has helped me to better manage my finances and save money with my budgetary expenses. I pray that our Nouvelle Vie family will continue to be full of joy and that we will help be a refuge (as stated in Psalms 23) for many other families to come. May God Bless Nouvelle Vie!”

Christina Comer - Sister of one of the Residents

"Leaving a loved one at a group home is always an emotional and difficult choice, but that choice was made so much easier by the amazing care, and accommodations found at Nouvelle Vie.  The home is beautifully maintained, cable, WiFi, and a lovely back yard.  But the best part about Nouvelle Vie is by far the loving support and encouragement to both our brother and our family by the staff. To say we are lucky and blessed to have found this house is an understatement. Thank you Nouvelle Vie for all that  you do!"