Nouvelle Vie

Independent Living Care Home

"Feel like Family - Feel at Home!"

Quality Caregivers

Caregivers and residents build life-long relationships that are loving, respectful and sincere. 

Independent Living

We promote independence and personal freedom for each of our residents.

Loving Enivornment

Twenty-four hour care to seniors and veterans who prefer to live in intimate setting. 

Nouvelle Vie

We are more than just a home, we are Family!

Nouvelle Vie is a Residential Senior & Veterans Independent Living Home like none other.  Our goal is to provide a caring, active, secure and fun environment for our residents. 

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About Us

Our Mission


To provide elegant and caring housing environments for seniors, veterans and people with special needs that will empower them to live more productive and independent lives.   

Our Residence


Nouvelle Vie home is not just your average senior living facility. It is a more intimate and comfortable setting in a beautiful and secure home. 

Our Vision


When our residents walk into Nouvelle Vie, we will show them Royal care and personal attention.  They will feel not only like it’s their New Home, but they will “Feel like Family”.

Our Values


Is WHY we do what we do. We show Love unconditionally to all. It is based on the biblical mandate to “Love one another, as we Love ourselves.” 

-Mark 12:31


Is HOW we demonstrate why we do, what we do. We show our Love by caring for each resident at all times 


Is the standard by which we model WHAT we do. We set the bar high and we expect to exceed it everyday. 


Is for the WHO is why we do. We take care of and honor the elderly patriarchs and matriarchs of today - so that they can continue to enjoy life now, as they mentor the future generations of tomorrow.